Increase Your
Inner Confidence

Speakitt is the first virtual confidence coach. Our interactive 8-week
program brings proven coaching methods to your fingertips
and straight into the digital age.

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Your own virtual coach

Like a professional coach, the system will adapt to your personality as you progress in the program.

Improve the root of confidence

Our system will help you increase your confidence substantially. Many solutions work on the surface. Confidence itself is based on your belief about yourself. This is where our tool starts.

Proven psychological methods

The same methods that are used by psychologists and coaches all around the world. They are core basis of cognitive behavioral theory.

The solution lies in replacing
self limiting beliefs

Think about a competition. Two opponents with the exact same skill set are competing against each other. One believes:"I am not capable of doing this", the other one: "I am strong enough to get this job done". Who will most probably win?

Cognitive behavioral therapists work with their patients' "self-limiting beliefs," the source of insecurity for most people. Once you're able to replace your "self-limiting beliefs," your confidence will be dramatically increased.

Examples of self-limiting beliefs are things like, "I am not good enough" "I must be perfect" "Mistakes and failure are bad", and "Everybody must love me."

"I’m not competent."

"I’m not important."

"If I make a mistake or fail, I’ll be rejected"

"What I have to say is not important"

"Mistakes and failure are bad"

Our digital coach resolves them in three steps

Our digital coach
resolves them
in three steps

1. Take our online assessment to pinpoint and explore your limiting belief.

2. Use our coaching app to track and maintain awareness of your belief, and see where it influences your life.

3. Replace your limiting belief with a new, positive belief using our coaching app. Increase your inner confidence.